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More reasons to invest in a landscape design

People contemplating a residential landscape project often baulk at the idea of paying for a landscape design and its for a number of reasons. The first being expense, most budgets are limited so the thought of paying someone to tell you what you think you already know is hard to swallow. There is also the delay involved. Most people looking to begin a residential landscape project I meet are in a hurry to just get it done. Its something they’ve contemplated for sometimes years and now they just want it to happen rather than wait for a designer to do their job first. And in the face of this is the fact that any decent landscape contractor will back themselves to do a good design for a fraction of the cost and in far less time than a landscape designer might take. (Image from client's project that did invest in design)


Investing in your Landscape Design

A challenge we often face with new clients is breaking the news about how much their dream landscape is going to potentially cost them in terms of construction. While I’m finding these days more often than not people are realistic about construction costs then they used to be there is still a lot of ‘sticker shock’ to deal with.  Its not my position to tell people what they should or should not spend, instead I discuss the potential ROI they might enjoy from a well designed landscape.


What not to include in your landscape design

While client’s are often at a loss as to what they like in terms of plants, styling or what their budget is, if the questions get reversed there is often more to say. What plants, materials, styles don’t you like. Or what don’t you want to spend? So with this in mind here are a couple of possible items to add to your list of what not to like based on what I’ve seen go awry in the past.


Design Your Own Landscape

While a lot of clients I meet have tried designing and building their own landscapes with limited reward thats no reason not to try yourself so here are some thoughts that might assist if its the DIY path you want to go down. First and foremost is to make sure you have a plan and by this I don’t mean an idea in your head but something down on paper that’s approximately drawn to scale. This is important for many reasons but in particular because 1) It will ensure you’ve considered your full brief from the start and can tackle it in an intelligent order and 2) It will make you consider what's happening beyond the edges of  where the work stops. The reason this is so important is because there might be future goals ( think pool, driveway, carport, fencing, rainwater tanks )  that could make your current project redundant. Once you have your plan, mark it out ( chalk lines, paint or just use the hose) and then sit in and walk around it at various times of the day to make sure it works


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