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What not to include in your landscape design

While client’s are often at a loss as to what they like in terms of plants, styling or what their budget is, if the questions get reversed there is often more to say. What plants, materials, styles don’t you like. Or what don’t you want to spend? So with this in mind here are a couple of possible items to add to your list of what not to like based on what I’ve seen go awry in the past.

While water features can bring a lot to your project I’d suggest you think long and hard before including one in your design on a whim. They are notoriously difficult to maintain and can be difficult to repair especially in the case of bespoke constructions. So make sure its high on your wish list before making it part of your landscape design brief. And if you still want to include one in your design I’d then urge you to avoid specifying the ‘horizontal sheet’ style as its become more than a little cliched ( which is unfortunate as if done well they can look great)

Cheap lights (or any cheap product) stay away from. Not only will they fail quickly but there is little chance you’ll be bothered to replace them ( I say this having seen it ) rather getting used to having a missing key element to your landscape. Go for better quality and less volume when it comes to populating your landscape with product. And if you’re wondering where to and where not to get good product feel free to contact me, happy to share.
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