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More reasons to invest in a landscape design

People contemplating a residential landscape project often baulk at the idea of paying for a landscape design and its for a number of reasons. The first being expense, most budgets are limited so the thought of paying someone to tell you what you think you already know is hard to swallow. There is also the delay involved. Most people looking to begin a residential landscape project I meet are in a hurry to just get it done. Its something they’ve contemplated for sometimes years and now they just want it to happen rather than wait for a designer to do their job first. And in the face of this is the fact that any decent landscape contractor will back themselves to do a good design for a fraction of the cost and in far less time than a landscape designer might take. (Image from client's project that did invest in design)

All of these are good points but consider this: 1) I see more budgets blow out when we’re not involved,  2) Rushing a landscape build is a great way to waste money and delay a project and 3) Consider what sort of return you want on your investment? If you had the chance to buy shares on the stock market offering a 30-50% return but you had to pay a 10% premium, would that be a worthwhile investment? I make this last point having recently visited a project we completed over 5 years ago and this was a project we were involved in from start through to finish so it was definitely an investment by the client but 5 years later the results are clear. Apart from the thousands of dollars we saved the client with some simple construction strategies the client says its a space that has transformed their lives. It works for all the members of the family , including relatives and visitors on a variety of occasions. And not only that but it was gratifying to see all the detailed elements still working so well, material choices, lighting selection, decorative elements. So thats why you pay for a design, to make the most of your opportunity.
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