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More green walls landscape design options

More on Green roofs? Why not, I’m currently doing some research on the topic so its front of mind. So there are three road categories to consider (can be blended into one another for a more integrated effect) the first being Green Walls which probably provides the most dramatic effect and has been getting most of the press recently. Associated with this are some of the biggest build and maintenance challenges such as irrigation and fertilising ( or fertigation as its been dubbed), engineering, plant selection and maintenance. If you’re considering this approach for a small scale residential project then there are many off the shelf solutions worth considering otherwise consult someone with experience ( image of green wall kit from Elmich)


Design of green walls and roofs

Another topic that I’ve visited before but worth another look as with less and less room being made available for landscaping its becoming more important to find news ways to squeeze it in. I was talking to an architect the other day who pointed out that on new residential developments there is often more space available on vertical surfaces of the boundary fencing than there is allocated to landscape. If you were to then include the square meterage of the buildings themselves you’d often have more than the whole block itself.



Some who, what and when of Landscape Design

I saw a t-shirt the other day that said ‘I’m a Landscape Architects and no I won’t design your garden’. A bit precious perhaps but rings true for a lot of Landscape Architects. The point is the general public doesn’t have much occasion to use one so why would they know the difference between a Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer, Garden Designer or a Landscape Contractor. To be honest they probably don’t really care as long as they can some one to help with their project.


When to call your Landscape Designer or Architect

In a word, early. Most often Landscape designers and architects are brought in either half way through a project or at the end and while in many cases this is warranted ( think projects such as industrial storage sheds) , often it is a waste of opportunity. I understand clients and other consultants want to keep things simple and so are reluctant to bring in too many opinions early on but a simple on site conversation can be of great boon to the final result.

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