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Resent Landscape Design trends

I should point out that by trends I’m referring more to behaviours in the market rather than style or landscape design trends.

The first behaviour we’ve seen a lot more of recently is client’s desire to be a lot more involved in the build process of their landscape design. I think it is motivated by a couple of factors namely peoples increased desire to feel more connected to nature combined with a desire to save money. Whatever the motivation it's an admirable desire.  Having said this I’d like to add a disclaimer of caution, even if you’re really fit it can be a surprisingly tough physical endeavour. So with this in mind I’d suggest taking a flexible approach. Most good contractors should allow for your involvement but perhaps pick a couple of tasks and then see how you go eg a section of demolition, bringing in the soil or planting a particular area. That way you can discover the tasks your body is qualified to deliver.


Irrigation and Landscape Design

I had a meeting in Townsville recently where I discovered that their council is the biggest purchaser of water in the southern hemisphere. The point of sharing this fact with me was to illustrate the importance of irrigation in proposing landscape design’s for this region. And while we might feel secure in our water supply living outside Townsville, recent shortages in many major capitals would suggest otherwise.


Open Landscape Design

Last week I revisited a site designed and built a few years ago, always a good opportunity to see what worked and what didn’t. In this case  while we were not successful in combating the voracious appetite of the local wallaby population I think we did ok with the rest. In particular we created an entry feature out of cut sandstone that was to double as something for people to sit on and kids to climb around. Being school holidays I had my kids along and thats exactly what they did with no direction from me at all.


Landscape Design Investment

It really comes down to how much you or others ( such as family members or potentially future owners ) are going to value it. And this depends on a number of factors such as 1) Your lifestyle 2) How long you’re planning on living at that address and 3) If you think it will add value to your property when it comes time to sell.

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