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Sustainable Residential Landscape Design

If you have any interest in Landscape Design you will be no doubt aware of a range of approaches to sustainable Landscape Design and construction. However often these approaches focus on tactics rather strategies. And if the goal is to be sustainably sustainable then its just as important to consider the macro as well as the micro viewpoint.  By this I mean viewing your space as part of a whole rather than just isolated block when it comes to considering the layout and chosen elements.


Landscape Design Styles

Watching a popular home renovation show at the moment has gotten me thinking about how we go about choosing the style that apply our landscape designs. A classic question in design is whether form follows function or if the function of something comes from its form and while there is no right answer it illustrates the two key elements that go into creating a design.


Decorative Landscape Lighting

As mentioned last week, clever landscape lighting design is a great way to get a lot more from your landscape. Its not easy but if done right can look incredible and if its done wrong….While there are many terms for the various types of lighting available, I break them down into a couple of categories namely architectural and  decorative. As the names imply the first is for all the practical purposes required by lighting needs while the second is really just to make you feel good. And as flippant as that might sound I think its a crucial part of any lighting plan be it public, commercial or residential.


Designing Landscape Lighting

Like most designers I am a big fan possibilities landscape lighting provides in adding a new dimension to a design’s results. In essence with good lighting you’re able to get two landscape designs for the price of one. Different side of the same coin so to speak. Its often neglected when budgeting for a landscape design because like so many things people struggle to see the value until they can see it ( which requires commitment at the design and construction stage ). Alternatively they either see it being solved by a spotlight or have had bad experiences with outdoor lighting in the past and so are therefore not willing to commit again.

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