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Grass in Landscape Design

When I was studying Landscape Architetcure grass was always seen as an ordinary design choice for open spaces. Apart from the lack of biodiversity it provided it was also criticized for being thirsty and while not maintenance intensive it would always require a degree of regular care.  In fact I often have clients who assume the same thing, that as a landscape designer I’d rather avoid using it at all. Not at all.



Landscape design tactics when selling

Homeowners seeking design advice to upgrade their landscape, in particular the front, prior to putting their homes on the market, occasionally approach us. Normally we don’t get the job because they want it done immediately and for the minimum outlay (so design fees are the first to be cut). I think this is a shame, not because I want the business but because I know we can add enough value to more than cover the cost of some basic design fees. But as I’m no longer in the business of debating the value of good design (life is too short) I thought I’d lay out some basic landscape design approaches in the hope that someone might benefit.





Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The late great Luis Barragan once said ‘ I don’t divide architecture and landscape; to me they are one’. Not surprisingly he was as famous for his architectural work as he was for his landscapes. If ever you’re looking for the courage to employ strong colours in your landscape design then it might be worth exploring the success he had.



Green Walls cont...

I have hopped on my soapbox recently about the trend of green walls so not looking to revisit this but did spot a great green wall idea the other day that we’re looking to employ in a project we’re currently working on.

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