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Why More is often Less in Landscape Design

While there was a period a few years ago where ultra minimalist landscape design was in vogue it appears we might still be in throws of reacting to this by crowding our designs with as many elements as possible. I’ve often thought that there is a fine line between good design and over salting the broth by trying to hard. So while I think the ultra minimal look was great in photos but stale in real life this showcase of product, Colour, textures and design tricks I’m seeing lately I think can equally miss the mark.



Colour in Landscape Design

While I have discussed this before I think it’s worth revisiting because in my experience while many agree with the idea of colour in the landscape they baulk when it comes to actually applying it to their projects.



Don't ask for best quality at a discount

When in life do you get something of lasting to value for little outlay? Of course you don’t but it seems that based on numerous enquires I’ve received lately that plenty disagree. I understand that the concept of attaching a monetary value to a service such as landscape design is not easy but that’s only half the challenge. I’ve had that many conversations with enquiries recently that have run through the scope of their work and then insisted the construction budget won’t be more that for example $10,000. Not only this but I have found these people get offended and angry when it’s suggested their estimate might be a little unrealistic. A couple of weeks ago I actually had someone storm off half way through the meeting and not come back when I started estimating what their stated brief might cost



Landscape and Architectural Design

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of enquiries where people are considering their landscape design options in conjunction with designing their homes. While this is something commercial projects have done for years through necessity (council   requirements) its not common for residential projects which is a shame as there are a couple of big advantages to be enjoyed.


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