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Landscape design and your local authority

A majority of our work comes through applications for projects that require submissions to a local authority (read council). Its essentially about ensuring compliance with a set of values set out in the local City Plan.  Most of the time this revolves around civil or commercial projects that stipulate the involvement of a Landscape Architect.  Sometimes its residential projects that require council approval and its here people on a DIY Landscape design path can come unstuck.



New product for your Landscape Design

I define product as generally anything you add to the final layer of your landscape design for aesthetic and ergonomic effect, for example planters, furniture, decorative lighting, sculpture etc. The benefit of a good selection is that it can lift the whole design. A well placed intriguing piece of sculpture, a beckoning day-bed or a surprising outdoor floor lamp can be all you need finish off your design and add the seasoning needed to give it that illusive sense of welcome. I know I’ve talked about this recently but the point of this post is to share some new gear I’ve recently come across. (image courtesy of Dune )



Greenwalls and Greenroofs in Landscape Design

Green walls and roofs are couple of ideas that have been around for many years but are only now gaining some popular traction. While they both provide many landscape design benefits, like anything to do with working with nature, nothing is every simple or automatic.



Technology and Landscape Design

What part does technology have in good landscape design? From a designer’s point of view, be they amateur or professional, there is now wealth of online information to take advantage of. Resources such as Google Images, Google Earth Pintrest ,  Youtube designer blogs, supplier sites and many more  online resources can provide a host of inspirational and practical information.  


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