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The purpose of landscape lighting is to extend the usability and aesthetic value of a client’s landscape. At Nick Moore Design the majority of our client’s are successful hard working people and as such often the only time of the day they are able to enjoy their landscapes is in the evening. Good landscape lighting makes the most of this limited opportunity. Practical benefits aside, the right choice in lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a landscape from what might be otherwise viewed during daylight hours. In addition to being able to achieve a completely different look the range of potential atmospheric and emotive responses that smart lighting can generate provide the opportunity to tailor an experience to suit each client’s unique style and needs. In line with this philosophy Nick Moore Design has developed its own range of outdoor lights, The Umbo Collection.

The Umbo Collection in your landscape

As a decorative bollard or an outdoor lamp these lights serve a practical as well as decorative purpose. From a practical viewpoint they will radiate light out to a distance of approx 1m allowing them to be used alongside pathways, around a dining or seating area or to help draw attention to or define a particular space in your landscape. Practical purposes aside, their primary function is decorative. With a warm white glow reminiscent of candlelight they bring great atmosphere and mood to any space with their soft friendly glow washing across the ground.

The lights are offered as single units (purchase as many as you need for your space).  If you are looking to light a larger area we offer discounts on kits of four or twelve lights. 


If they are being used to illuminate a pathway we recommend they be spaced at approximately 1.5m if using a staggered zig zag configuration or up to 2m if placing in pairs either side of the pathway. If they are being placed to provide atmosphere an area they can be spaced at whatever interval suits the layout of the area in question. Some example might be;

  • In the corners or around the edge of a seating area
  • Along the top of a raised beds or in larger pots
  • Around the edge of an open space either in the turf or just inside the garden
  • Around the base of a feature piece be it a tree, pot or sculpture
  • Flanking the entry to a garden room
  • Front door entrance feature or step lighting
  • Mood lighting for a courtyard or rooftop garden

Unlike practical landscape lighting that requires a deft touch to get the most out of the Umbo Collection has been designed to be simple to place and effective in any location in your landscape. If you would like further advice on how the Umbo Collection will work in your landscape, contact us

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