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Asian Inspired

A busy client who worked long hours requested we design a quiet sanctuary that she might return to at the end of a busy day and unwind in. The challenge with this space was two fold. The first related to the limited space to work with on a block crowded out with neighboring properties overlooking the available space. And to make things a little more challenging we were given a tight budget to work with. The request for a sanctuary and the existing architecture lead us quickly to decide that an Asian inspired layout and style would work best.
To combat the view from the neighboring properties we planted a good thick border of carefully selected bamboo. As well as screening the neighbour’s this had the added effect of blurring the boundary line and hence making the space feel larger. To further deal with the limited space we then focused attention on the ground plane by making the path a feature and populating the area with a series of sculptural pieces to keep the visitors gaze contained in the garden. Budget for this was under $20K


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