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Family Outdoor Living

Two busy professionalswith a couple of young kids wished to make the most of their opportunities for family time at home. The brief was to create a space that would provide recreation opportunities for all family members from kids to grandparents. So essentially somewhere for the kids to run about and kick a ball and a place for the parents to fall asleep beneath the weekend paper

A beautiful home on a large block the big challenge here was that the only available space was a sloping expanse out the back on a lower level that was difficult and inconvenient to get to. With this in mind we started by introducing a flight of stairs that flowed directly of the main living space for maximum convenience.  We then worked the existing levels at the rear to minimize required retaining while creating a series of useful spaces including a deconstructed playground, a turfed area for ball games and a open airy pavilion for the adults to relax in. Towards the end of this project we were fortunate to be asked by the client to create some bespoke lights. By all counts it’s been a great hit with all those that come to enjoy it. Budget for total project, front and rear $150-$200k

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