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Open Adult Space

Living alone on a large block in the outer suburbs, this client wished to create a good sized outdoor entertaining space to bring a wide circle of friends together in. He also had a passion for the arts and wanted his landscape to be infused with colour and a sense of fun

Situated on a steep block, the biggest challenges was determining how to place the retaining in such a way that we achieved the required leveled areas and yet there was still good flow. The solution was to create a large circular retaining wall upslope and then stagger the rest down slope as required. Flow was assisted through creating interest on each level and destination rooms in further corners. Colour was brought in on the main retaining wall with a shade of blue chosen that would compliment the warmer colours of Kangaroo Paws flowers and a timber sculpture commissioned by a local artist. At the time of this photo the project was awaiting the arrival of furniture and product.  Budget for this space was approx. $75K


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