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Poolside Living

On this project the clients, with two young children, wanted amongst other things a pool that the whole family could enjoy.  While Dad was doing laps the kids could be playing in the shallows with mum reading a magazine quietly in the shade.  The pool had to be more about than just getting wet and instead become a family destination.

Located on a good sized block, one of the main challenges was taking advantage of the space available in such a way that the pool area still remained strongly linked to the house and therefore more likely to be used more often. Generous pathways, a welcoming pavilion and lines that mimicked those of the house were used to solve this issue. The final challenge was to avoid blocking off the nearby views of the bush with pool fencing along the longest edge and this was solved simply by raising the level of this edge to legal pool fence height. Budget for this pool area was $75-$100K

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