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Seaside Living

Living by the water in a house that had been recently renovated the client now wished to focus on maximizing outdoor living opportunities. With a number of adult children living at home one of the first requests was to create more rooms outside where different groups might be entertained at the same time without crowding the others out. This was achieved by dressing up the existing rooms at the rear as well as by reclaiming a large section of unused space at the front of the property.

Another request was to make the property as low maintenance as possible as the clients were often away. While this is a common request from our busy clients the added twist was that this property was located on the waterfront. So not only did plant species have to be carefully selected but all hard surface choices had to be also carefully thought out due to the harsh nature of the surrounding microclimate. Visits to local nurseries and a palette of natural materials supported by marine grade product allowed us to navigate this challenge. Budget for this space was approx. $150k

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